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No chalk and Talk at Sackhumvit What students say about our classroom sessions!

 "I feel the games and quizzes have helped me a great deal as they enabled me to see the theory in action and made it more memorable” says Razia Fatima. "Sometimes I find certain theories or concepts very difficult to understand properly when being taught in a normal lecture. However the videos present me with a much easier way of understanding and the various examples and methodology makes it fun to learn and remember” says Sama Yasmin, 10th grader. Said Md. Suhaibullah "I really enjoy all the classes here. Feel bad that I have to leave the following year. It's been a great experience here for me." The best is for the last...Saba Tasmiya hugs herself and says "I can now speak English, hey I can now speak English" Most echo similar thoughts and reactions. At Sackhumvit there are many situations in which our instructors might choose to use a classroom experiment/Video/quiz instead of, or in addition to, more traditional classroom practices! Also teaching across the curriculum is becoming easier with technology. As technology continues to advance, we find new ways to enhance our teaching methods. Importantly our classes are creative, interesting and engaging. End result ...high motivation low/nil absenteeism.