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It's been an eventful 2021! The kids that we teach are precious to us, and they need to know that our time together was worth it. So 20-21we focused on learning, celebrated the moments we had, and savored the time we spent together. At Sackhumvit apart from preparing the children to qualify for purely academic demands, special efforts are being made continuously to enable them to face the challenges of the competitive world. It’s a matter of great importance to us that the students who pass out from our Centre carry forward the values they have imbibed, excel in whatever they do, and eventually be role models in society. For 20-21, our goals included celebrating, collaboration, relationships,goal-setting engagement in creative and skill-building activities continued learning At the end of this year we will take time to review and reflect and make 2022 more exciting and “Rebuild students’ sense of competency. Cheers and welcome 2022!.