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Our three musketeers

This is the story of three boys Aktar, Mohammad Shoaib and Shoaib Pasha all aged eleven. They were very keen on attending classes at Sackhumvit Centre. Every evening around 3pm the three would come and stand at our gate peering inside. Finally the security guard relented and brought them to our office. This curious lot of three took the entrance test. They would come to the Centre on the pretext of seeking help for their academics despite the fact that the Centre was shut for the juniors. They always had one constant question. When are the classes starting? So we chatted them up and found them to be enthusiastic and excited about all aspect of learning! One such conversation revealed that Aktar's father was an electrician, Md.Shoaib’s father an embroiderer, Shoaib Pasha’s father a Tempo driver all looking for some work as lockdown had hit hard. The boys somehow convinced us that this was their need and doing any activity even if it were for twenty minutes would make them feel better. Now they are a regular feature at our Centre. When asked about their future plans these were the sure shot answers! Aktar wants to be a black cat commander, Md. Shoaib aspires to be a cricketer and Shoaib Pasha aims at becoming an engineer. We sure hope to help them achieve their ambitions. Their enthusiasm is infectious!