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Project family tree!

Our Chairman Mr. Khalid Hashim on the 26th of May 2022 visited our CMNR Centre and initiated the family tree project. Students enthusiastically assembled in the computer lab room to understand more. The Trustees engaged with the students and explained this concept in depth. So what exactly is a family tree and its importance? Taken literally, a family tree displays a record of a family’s lineage, showing the members of that family throughout recent, and even distant history. It tells one who their family is, how it has grown, and where they originally came from. But family trees can be so much more, and they can shape who we are, how we interact with a community and the things we value day to day. Establishing a family tree can be fun and informative. Family trees also help medical professionals answer questions. As genetics get more sophisticated, researchers, epidemiologists, and scientists of all kinds may find valuable clues to curing diseases embedded in family trees. Happy data entry students. Enjoy the process and make one of your own family trees as well!