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Rain Chronicles

class struggle The city received the highest rainfall in 90 years. Huge parts of Bangalore was inundated and many schools shifted to online mode. Several govt school buildings were reported to have collapsed and with no electricity the city was at the mercy of officials who never arrived! Our CMNR center witnesses a record rainfall throwing daily life in disarray. With the rains come infections and diseases! This is a matter of concern for us as students take a while to recover from water borne diseases. For the most part, the rain did not deter our students from attending our sessions . Some of them shared their nightmare experiences like broken sheds, water leaks ,crumbling homes, and no electricity. floods washing away daily home needs, shortage of water supply and lack of civic amenities .The students and their families had to bear the brunt of it all. So we at Sackhumvit decided to cheer up our students. We did a whole lot of activities including song and dance and talent hunt to ring in some much needed fun!