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Rainbow water experiment

Rainbow water experiment Concepts covered : Surface tension, Capillary action and visuals of primary colors turning to secondary colors.  
In this experiment Water moves from jar to jar due to capillary action and surface tension. The surface tension of the water keeps the water from falling off the paper towel onto the table below as it creeps up the paper towel. The water stabilizes and ends up at the same level in all the jars because of how things like to stabilize. Once the water level is the same in all the jars and the paper towels are all wet, the water stops moving from jar to jar. This is how the colors remain in primary and secondary colors, rather than turning brown. At Sackhumvit, we expose our students to quality, fun lessons. Learning this way makes the class interactive and interesting. It also encourages the next generation of problem solvers, critical thinkers, and innovators