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Ramesh Sir is floored!

Mentors are guides. They lead us along the journey of our lives. We trust them because they have been there before. They embody our hopes, cast light on the way ahead, interpret arcane signs, warn us of lurking dangers and point out unexpected delights along the way. -L.A. Daloz The special scholarship students supported and mentored by Mr. Ramesh who lives in Washington, USA had a first hand experience of the confidence and proficiency of the students of Sackhumvit Centre. Mr. Ramesh appreciated the work done by the Trust and said he would continue the help and support. Aruna Jyoti, Yamuna, Nikhat , Samma ,Ilham and Saqlain thanked Mr. Ramesh for the scholarship and gifts, and added that they looked forward to meeting with him in person. Like Mr. Ramesh himself said, he was floored