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Ration distribution

  July 2021 survey highlights the prevailing and continued anxiety over survival amongst the poor. The question mark over future livelihood, distressed families in debt, and lack of any savings further adds to their uncertainties. At Sackhumvit we have actively engaged in relief work in the urban poor section of society. The ration distribution saw long and winding queues . The desperation for food in families with two daily wage earners is unprecedented. 90% of the women told heart -rending stories of starvation and extreme poverty. If last year was harrowing, it’s tough to get a true sense of the extent of the crisis this year. From Sackhumvit, over 446 families got free ration supplies for the entire month of July. One of the parents Fatima Banu lamented “What more do we want from our government? They can at least ensure we have some food? If there is a third wave of the virus now, how will we manage?”