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Redefine your wins!

Aleemullah, 21 years old, has 12 members in his house. A hard life as he grew up in the slums of Chamunidnagar. Born poor but not willing to die poor, Aleem worked his way up and entered college. The Trust supported his entire education from grade 8. His life took a radically different path when he cleared many entrance exams. A big decision to continue education and not take up a job despite family pressures, Aleem holds a masters in computer Science with many tech companies offering him good openings. Aleem told us he is deciding between three such offers. We are so proud of you Aleem. You have cut loose and now it's only going to get better for you and your family. Aleem told us daily life was a big struggle as income was minimum and his family could never afford any college education. He thanks the Trust for the financial support and training. “I am sorted and so is my family”, Aleem says gleefully.