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Respected Khalid Sir, Viji Ma’am and my dear friends.

My name is Mahalakshmi and here is a fun take on how to be a leader and stay focussed. Here is my poem titled A LEADERSHIP SURVIVAL KIT A Rubber band -to remind you to be flexible, A paperclip -to help you hold things together An eraser- to remind you that no mistake is permanent, Bubblegum- to remind you that the child within is important, A crayon- to inspire you to go out and color the world, Sackhumvit center -to remind you that you are smart, small notes -to keep the communication flowing, a quote- to inspire the leader within, Friends- to keep you laughing, A pencil -to write down those great ideas, A band-aid -to remind you to heal problems and hard feelings, Stars- to remind you what you are reaching for.