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Sama Yasmin is the hero of her own story! An inspiration to many!

You have to be the hero of your own story and come out from a life of mediocrity. if you do not step up and design the life of your dreams you might end up like many others struggling to make a living! You have to be the one who takes charge and turns it into a masterpiece. Each day you are either moving towards the attainment of your goals or you are falling behind. You have a choice. You can strive for your dreams or you can continue to just live in the existence that you are in. The average life is the life that requires no effort to pursue, just sit around and take no action and you will be a huge success at being average or below!!! If you want the normal life do what normal people do, but we want you to look at those who are striving for their dreams and who want to live life on their terms, so don’t talk about being normal around here, you must step up to the demands of greatness that requires you separate yourself from the rest!

Life by design not by default- Daughter of an embroidery worker, Sama has grit, intelligence and determination. Coming from a small village in Kolkata she says in immaculate English “My grandfather and all the villagers in my hometown think I am a star! They are so amazed they keep staring at me! I will be a doctor and will work in my village. I want to do this”, she gleams! Sama enrolled in Sackhumvit three years ago. Today she is a role model to students. Well done Sama, you gave it your all, you tried to pursue your dreams, and you put in the time and effort to learn about success. You are the hero of your own story! Students, what story would you write about yourself! Worth thinking about! Let's discuss!