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Sawadee Ka Viji Mâm Khalid Sir teachers and my dear friends

My name is Sama Yasmin and I am a class X student. Sir, I feel extremely privileged and honored to be given this opportunity to welcome you to Sackhumvit centre on this very special day, October 14th 2022. Many many happy returns of the day Sir. Sir, Today, we have gathered here not only to celebrate the success of Sackhumvit but also the talent, passion and triumphs of each one of us. Every Child is different and thus has the potential to grow. All the students here, exhibiting their talents and capabilities will become responsible and great citizens of the future. I am sure. I wish each pupil of Sackhumvit centre a bright future and a life full of success ahead. May you bloom into a beautiful butterfly from a cocoon of hardships and struggles passing in the way. I feel proud and extremely overwhelmed to be part of this esteemed institute where we are not only taught within the four walls but also beyond. All the credit goes to our very beloved Khalid, teachers and staff who made learning more fun and interactive with their utmost love and affection. The true purpose of education is to make minds not careers, says a popular proverb. This is one hundred percent true to our centre. Here, at Sackhumvit we have gone beyond book learning. An education that has prepared us for daunting challenges and difficult emotional and social experiences. Don’t worry Rajini Ma’am we have learnt up the syllabus quite well and we will do well there too! Just joking Rajini Ma'am!! So Sir, here is a practical and holistic education for all of us to soak in. We learnt ourselves, from others and from the unknown. We are ready for new technologies, ideologies and opinions. Open we must be to whatever comes our way. No textbook can teach that. Khalid Sir, We have all heard about the three R’s of education – reading, writing and arithmetic. With Sackhumvit education, we would be able to further enhance it with a few more R’s – relationships, resilience, responsibility and respect for life. Thank you Khalid Sir. As I leave this institute the coming year me and my friends take with us a dynamic vibrancy ready to move ahead and face all the challenges of the future, come what may! Also Sir what you have started we shall continue and that’s a promise Sir. Thank you