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Seniors become role models at Sackhumvit!

Krisha walked in to say hi and share some college experiences with our present 10th graders. College is no longer high school and one gets to discover oneself as an individual. While doing so, seniors advise juniors on several matters and pick up the mantle to guide and support. Gone are the days when seniors used to bully juniors. At Sackhumvit we are happy to see many old students drop by to check out what’s happening at the Centre and how we are doing. Here is what Krisha has to say! Krisha asserts that one need not be afraid or try to impress others in college. “Just be natural and the way you are”, she suggests! College is the best place to find a voice and discover and explore many interesting avenues. So one of the best survival hacks would be to be comfortable in your shoes. “Have fun, but put studies first and make use of all the opportunities at Sackhumvit to get a head start. Your preparation begins right now over here”, Krisha signs off!