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Shamira’s willingness to fail!!!

Do you want a formula for success! It’s simple, really simple! Double your rate of failure!! Learn from mistakes because that’s where lies the gateway to success! Shamira got married into a conservative family at the age of 16. Shy and inhibited, she reluctantly enrolled in our WEP classes. She hardly spoke to anyone. She was quiet and almost scared. She didn’t do much the first few weeks. We encouraged her to come regularly but she was hesitant. She said nothing works for her but she would try. Slowly but surely she settled down and started enjoying the sessions. She was a natural. She learned fast and we started to see her smile and speak. Shamira was out of her shell. Her confidence grew as she was applauded and appreciated for her craft by other women. Today Shamira has graduated to the teacher trainer level. Her willingness to push on after failure uncovered her passion! In fact, she used failure to spur her on! Well done Shamira. We are so proud of you and you are the hero of your own story!
"Well being is realized by small steps but it is no small thing"! Zeno