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Special guests at CMNR

The President and Treasurer of Rotary Bengaluru North visited our Chamundinagar Centre. A happy crowd of nearly 150 students began the day by mingling with the guests and enjoying the courtesies which the students have learned so well. Following the greetings, the guests joined the students in their classrooms. The proud students made special presentations, showed-off projects they had created, and demonstrated their reading and writing skills. All contributed to making the evening a very special one! The Rotarians were really impressed with our Centre. They commented on the cleanliness, the happy faces of the students, and the audio visual learning techniques. “I also take this opportunity to let you know I observed the excellent conduct of the students on their way to and while leaving the premise and how proud they should be of themselves, credit to the Centre and the students studying here.” said the President Ms. Anu S.