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Stars of the Sackhumvit –Samma Yasmin and Manoj

These are our new age students who have just stepped into the center and are doing very well. We asked them of their experience here and below are the excerpts from the interview.

Samma Yasmin tells us that she is the daughter of an embroidery design maker. She used to find English Grammar and Math a little hard and ever since she came here, she is able to grasp the concepts better. She likes how we show concepts using videos. She is thankful to Khalid Sir for all his support. She specially mentions the teachers who helped her score full marks in her school English exam. She wants to become a neurosurgeon to eliminate all brain diseases.

Manoj, who is the son of an office helper aspires to become a scientist. He enjoys Maths and Science. He thinks the teachers here offer good help. He looks forward to coming  here everyday.