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Student bodies flay scholarship withdrawal –Article (Times of India Dt. December 6, 2022)

The government cites the repeal of the RTE as justification for eliminating scholarships. Prematriculatory scholarships for kids in grades1 through 8 have recently been restricted to those in classes 9 and 10. This decision was made by the central government. The students and activists who are against this move have voiced their disapproval. Recently, students protested the government's decision to revoke the scholarship at Malleswaram with leaders and activists from the All India Democratic Students' Organization (AIDSO). As a result of the national government's decision to end the OBC and minority student scholarships, a sizable number of students will lose out on the advantages. Students' rights cannot be taken away by the government for any reason. It has to be seen in conjunction with the slashing of scholarships happening in every educational sphere like KVPY, the slashing of PhD scholarships for minorities, etc. These moves fulfill the vision set by the national education policy 2020 which aims to make education even more exclusive through commercializing every establishment from KG to PU under the garb of autonomy-partnership and so on. The pre matric scholarship for minority community students covers eligible students from Muslim, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, and other communities studying in a government or private school. The activists added that one of the main objectives of this scholarship was to encourage parents from minority communities to send their children to school despite the financial burden and support their education