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Student scholarship

There are many students in the country who give up on their dreams due to lack of financial support. Even though they are academically brilliant, and have come as far as college on their merit, they are forced to drop out at this stage and find odd jobs. Sackhumvit trust helps these students achieve what they deserve by giving them financial and other assistance.  Academic high-achievers who need money for college enjoy access to a wide variety of merit-based awards that take the family’s financial conditions into account. Hard work must be appreciated . We distributed cheques to the deserving students who worked extremely hard and aced their exams inspite of the pandemic situation.

“You’ve got to get up every morning with
determination if you’re going to go to bed
with satisfaction.” – George Lorimer
Our scholarship distribution continues for the month of October. We are in the process of
locating students who have moved into another neighborhood or moved back to their villages. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a turbulent time for daily wage earners and migrant laborers. We have been successful in reaching out to some and the search continues.