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Taufeeq’s Project

Taufeeq explained to us that the aim is to design a lunar rover to explore the surface of the Moon and send back useful data for a period of a year. Different sensors and actuators are to be applied to the rover to receive useful information about the rover’s exploration. There are many types of sensors and actuators and only a specific set of sensors and actuators are suitable for the moon’s environment. The sensors are the ‘eyes’ the actuators are the ‘muscles’ of the system. “Since the rover will have a camera, two antennas will be required, a high-gain antenna for TV coverage and a low-gain antenna for lunar rover communications. Transmitting TV footage of high resolution will need to be encoded, to make it more compact, since the bandwidth is limited and will require a lot of power”. He explained. Taufeeq wants to do his final year engineering project based on this as he intends to have a career in machatronics. He also mentioned that he made it to the last rounds of interview with CapGemini. We at Sackhumvit wish him all the very best. Well done.