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Testing Times!

We are all different and find some events harder to cope with than others, but we can choose ways of dealing with things that can help us feel more positive. Exam time is really not easy, so dear students you won't be alone in feeling a bit overwhelmed from time to time by the quantum of revision work ahead of you. But remember: you got this – and these stress-busting tips can be very useful. Yes, that old familiar knot in your stomach tells you exams are looming. While some people like to believe a bit of anxiety and pressure can be beneficial around exam time, science suggests otherwise. When we're stressed, our brains release high levels of cortisol which can cloud the way we think and gets in the way of rational thoughts. Because of this, it's important to stay as cool, calm, and collected as you can during the exam period. Easier said than done, right students? We have made a list of some practical steps below to relieve exam stress and unpleasant symptoms. The tips will also improve your productivity, help absorb more information and increase your chances of absolutely smashing it in your exams.