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The Assiduous Shameera

Shameera was just 14 years old when she dropped out of school. Soon afterwards, her impoverished parents arranged her marriage, after which she stayed at home to look after the family. We connected with Shameera when she enrolled for our WEP programs. Shameera was quiet but adept. She learned the craft and asked for more training. A year and a half later, Shameera, along with a few other women from the program set up Bismil Tailoring, a home-based venture that took in sewing assignments from the community. Meanwhile our Centre became busy with orders coming in and many women were able to sustain their families and weathered the lockdown. Shameera’s training, as well as her exposure to the outside world, had instilled in her a new self-assurance that she could be an earning member and support the family. Currently she is also busy inspiring other women to enroll for such programs at Sackhumvit Centre. Over the years we have repeatedly witnessed the game changing nature of our WEP skill development programs. “This was my dream “, says Shameera, “now I feel good and not so scared of my future”. We hope she will be a co-founder for many such small neighboring self-help startups! Education, skills and exposure brings life-changing empowerment.