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Third language How tech is shaping student teacher interaction post covid 19

One key element in learning that is undergoing phenomenal change at the moment is the language of instruction —surely, a new lingo is evolving around the new system absorbing the limitations as well as advantages of techenabled e-learning. The teacher says, “I want all your homework in my inbox by tomorrow.” “Whatsapp me your questions and doubts.” “Please mute your phone its disturbing, Unmute only when it’s your turn”- Is the new lingo evolving! Although the biggest advantage to e- learning is accessibility, at Sackhumvit we find the dropout rate and irregular attendance in junior classes a big problem. While chatting with students we realize that students feel a sense of social isolation and lack of warmth of the face to face interaction. There appears to be a hesitation in communication skills. We are hopeful that offline classes will resume and the assignments will be back on the desks. Goodbye whatsapp!.