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Top Think!! Introducing the principle of Kaizen to students

"The basis for learning in the classroom is known as constant improvement where teachers and students always seek ways to improve the system to enhance the fun of learning."-Lal Fonseka Kaizen is a Japanese method of working productively and effectively in the workplace. From the Japanese words "kai-" which means "change" and "-zen" which means "good". The popular meaning is "continuous improvement" or "small incremental improvements". The core philosophy behind Kaizen is simple. You can always make or do things better, even if they seem to work well in a particular moment. Furthermore, all problems should be seen as opportunities to improve things. Ultimately, if you do not convalesce and grow you will eventually fall behind.
The main advantages of a correctly implemented Kaizen are most often: 

• Better commitment
• Improved problem-solving skills and quality of teamwork
• Increased competitiveness
• Reduced waste and overly hard work and increased productivity and overall success.
At Sackhumvit we discussed the principle of Kaizen through discussion, activities, and flow charts. We look for ways to enhance learning and teaching. These engaging activities
increase students' focus and attention. They look forward to attending our tutorials every day!