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Visit to Gandhi School-

Though education is a fundamental human right, it is also a far-fetched dream for those who struggle on a daily basis and can hardly make ends meet. The survival strategies often include withdrawing children from schools or never enrolling them in the first place. Single mothers and many women tend to pick up odd jobs and end up being stigmatized, ruling out possibilities of sending their children to schools of sizable repute. Education is out of reach for children of those who earn measly wages and work their fingers to the bones too because of the exorbitant fee structure. Last but not the least, the child labor problem looms large! We visited Gandhi School near New BEL road which enrolls students below the poverty line. The principal told us that this school was designed to ensure that all children receive free and basic education in the neighborhood. However, the attendance and dropout rates are ongoing problems. The school has staffing issues and were looking for NGOs to volunteer and help. On the day of our visit, we heard the lunch bell ring and free mid-day meals of rice and lentils were distributed and it appears this is sadly the main attraction for the students to come to this school.