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Visit to Old Age Home

As much as we have liberalized economically, our systems are not in place that can support the elderly. Unlike developed economies, which have structured old age recuperation mechanisms, our old age support system and assisted living facilities for the poor are negligible. There is no major plan to deal with senior citizens and the families, based on the statistics, seem to be abdicating their responsibilities. Sackhumvit Center supports Sri Shankari Balaga old age home in Bengaluru which provides shelter to women above 60 years of age. The old age home offers free stay for the abandoned poor and sickly women. Sackhumvit trust has been catering to the needs of this old age home for the past ten years.  Office supplies, food and personal care items regularly distributed. In July 2020 we supplied towels, soaps and petticoats to all the residents. Special meals were also served to the elderly.