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Visual Aid for students

Teaching and learning are important elements in education. With the passage of time, altered methods and techniques have entered the field of education and teachers use different kinds of aids to make learning effective. Visual aids could help explain a complicated process or complex equation for learners in an easier way. For example, in Math, you can use the student's favorite objects such as animals, fruits, or animated characters to describe concepts in equations. Also, visual aids such as videos can illustrate nature, the ecosystem, or the scientific process in Science. Teachers are always striving to show more and tell less when introducing students to new information, ideas, and skills. Education researcher Pauline Gibbons tells us, “Rather than trying to simplify information, amplifying the curriculum means finding as many ways as possible to make key information comprehensible”. Learning becomes more real, accurate, and interactive. We find students retain information for a longer time. At Sackhumvit our daily classes consist of some or many of the following visual aids, pictures, models, charts, maps, videos, slides, real objects, etc.