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We were unable to feature all the students who presented their speeches in front of the Trustees during their October visit

We are happy to include them in our November newsletter. Some unusual topics focused on contemporary themes and a comfortable presentation were their USP. Hello everyone. My name is Aksa Khanum and I am going to share a very popular story that you all might have heard. However its worth repeating as we must remind ourselves of an important lesson that it teaches.

 The story is the popular one  The Boy Who Cried Wolf 

Once upon a time, there was a very naughty shepherd boy. He would take his sheep for grazing, then climb up a tree, and shout for help, claiming that a wolf was attacking his sheep. Every time this happened, the farmers and other men would come to rescue him and his flock. But once they saw he was lying, they would leave angrily. Then, the boy would laugh at how he fooled everyone. He really enjoyed teasing and scaring the farmers and all in his town. This went on for a long time, but one day, a wolf really came and attacked his sheep. But this time nobody heard him or offered to help him because they did not believe him anymore. The boy was helpless. He shouted and shouted but no one came. Friends this story is from Aesop's fable, ''The Boy Who Cried Wolf,'' teaches a timeless moral lesson: don't ''cry wolf. '' If you play a practical joke on somebody, they won't believe you when something really bad happens; you will also lose their trust. The fable explores many themes including truth, deception, trust, and responsibility. Too much fun can become a problem. Thank you 

Cumulative property Hi everyone, I am Mudabbira from Class 7 here to show you something interesting, the math cumulative property...So this is how it goes I have a number sentence I write 2 factors down When they are multiplied together A product can be found Now flip flop their factors And what do you see The answer is still the same because I did the cumulative property  60X26=26X60 As you can see Sir, this teacher has awesome students!