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WEB - Welcome Everybody!

“In crisis conditions there are always difficult decisions that force difficult trade-offs, and we recognize the unprecedented challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic is creating for our students. But the stakes are too high. We must collectively do everything we can to keep children in school.” We opened our doors for the 2022-23 academic session planning their syllabus and host of other creative activities. Hundreds of children thronged the Centre eager to spot their names on the first list and the Centre was buzzing with chatter and laughter. Some were disappointed as they couldn't find a place however second and third list is on the cards. The students rushed to class excited to be a part of our learning Centre. We have built solid relationships with pupils and their families and helped with the issues and struggles of learning and that has paid off. Throughout the pandemic, the staff and teachers have invested substantial resources and time into monitoring and supporting pupils’ well being, particularly the most vulnerable.. We now have the challenging tasks to establish and raise their current level of their knowledge, skills and understanding without overwhelming them with tests. As far as the juniors are concerned, progress in basic literacy and numeracy skills, particularly their reading, extended writing and oratory skills will be our immediate focus. Our curriculum is fun, exciting and interesting. Full of visual appeal which students relate to best. We are certain students will enjoy all our sessions. Hundreds of neatly stacked shoes and slippers tug the heart! Warm Welcome class of 2022-2023 to the Sackhumvit way of learning! The RACE has began: R - Respect - everyone in the centre , yourself, your peers and the Sackhumvit property. A - Attitude - have a positive one, treat others with kindness and work hard. C - Cooperate - work together with one another and always try your best. E - Excellence - use this as the key to succeed! No excuses. Keep schools open. Children can’t wait