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Welcome on first day of the school

1)What's in a name We try to get to know the students by the name and they love us for that! 2) To do list for students Students need rules. But lists don’t have to be entirely negative. We make sure children understand what is expected from them and what ideal classroom conduct is and the things that are permitted. We are okay to have some “don’ts” in that list, but emphasize the positive. 3) Ice breakers Students love hearing funny and fascinating stories or some kind of activity that is unexpected. We like to draw their interest and that is why we are here. Our funda! Don’t introduce yourself--introduce your story. 4) Assign class and seating Seating and classrooms are assigned. The entire staff participates in this one project! 5)Have fun and be Flexible First days can be fun but scary for newcomers. Our transitions are smooth and comfortable. Students enjoy all sessions here. 6)Home work The teacher who assigns homework on the first day of school is nobody’s best friend! But getting students working on projects as soon as possible will get them comfortable and into the swing of things much quicker; start with something easy. 7)Supplies Students are helped with stationary and books wherever required. 8)Decorate Our entire premise looks festive and inviting. Students love our lively atmosphere all around! 9)Welcome Sign A huge board with names and welcome sign greets the students as they come through the gates 10)Snack time Many students enroll at Sackhumvit for the evening snacks. We are happy to see hungry boys and girls having a go at our snacks!